La Graciosa Timple Meeting will return in this tenth edition on May 19th and 20th, 2023, to gather us in one of the most privileged settings in Canary Islands. It will be a weekend where we can enjoy great music and a multitude of sensations, with tradition and sentiment, brought by the hand of this small plucked string instrument called the timple, and its skilled performers who hold great significance in the Canarian music culture.

This event, born as an initiative to celebrate our timple virtuosos, has brought together generations of musicians who have added new elements to the interpretation of this small instrument, this propelling the growth of the timple to unimaginable heights. They have paved the way for new generations of Canarian musicians who strike a balance between technical training, cosmopolitanism, and commitment to tradition.

On this occasion, the Caleta del Sebo welcomes internationally renowned timple player Benito Cabrera, who will be accompanied by his group in a trio format featuring guitarist Tomás Fariña and the singer Candelaria González. Also performing is the young timple player from Tenerife, Alba Chávez, who will be accompanied by the singer from La Palma, Yumara Luis, and guitarist Raquel Álvarez. They will captivate the natural setting with two scheduled concerts on both days at 8:00 PM.

Additionally, to celebrate our tenth edition, we will have an exhibition called «Artisans of the Timple» displayed at the Socio-Cultural Center throughout the two event days from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. This exhibition pays tribute to the instrument’s builders, the lesser-known part of our identity, taking a journey through island memory and introducing the individuals who have dedicated themselves to this craft from the late 19th century to the present day. The exhibition, visitors can not only see the intricacies of timple construction but also observe the tools and materials used, aiming to bring the world of lutherie closer to the general public.