Welcome to the website of the La Graciosa Timples Meeting! We are excited to share with you the tenth anniversary of this unique event.

This year, we want to make the La Graciosa Timples Meeting a sustainable and environmentally friendly event. We are aware that we are in a privileged natural space, and it is our duty to take care of our planet and be responsible for the environment. We want to unite culture and nature, creating a perfect symbiosis in which we can enjoy both the tradition of the Canary Islands and what it means to be in paradise.

To achieve this, we need your commitment to minimize the impact of the event and make it as sustainable as possible. On this website, you can find information about our sustainable initiatives and join the commitment along with our sponsors and collaborators.

Join us in this effort to make the La Graciosa Timples Meeting an example of a sustainable and respectful event for our planet!



As lovers of culture, the beauty of our islands, free time, our gastronomy, artisan products and everything that surrounds our Graciosa Tiple Meeting, we propose that you join our commitment to adopt more sustainable behaviors and contribute to transforming an event of this type into a sustainable one.

We are aware that any event that brings together a large group of people in a short space of time has an impact on the ecosystem that surrounds it, but we have one caveat, and that is that this meeting, which has been taking place for nine years On the smallest island in the Canary Islands, it has always been surrounded by an intimate atmosphere that differentiates it from the oversized, large structures, engine noise and light shows, minimizing the impact that the event itself can generate on the island.

We do not want you to lose sight of the fact that we are in a unique environment that we must preserve. Join our commitment to sustainability and adapt your experience to the criteria that we will propose.



If you are attending the Tiple Encounter from an island other than Lanzarote, choose companies committed to the environmental impact of their activity. When booking your flights or boat tickets, take a few minutes to consult the sustainability section that is usually present on each company’s website, inquire about their sustainable initiatives (reducing the carbon footprint generated by their resources, using more ecological fuels, renewing their air and sea fleets, using ecological consumables on board, etc.) and join them to be part of their environmental commitment.

From Lanzarote, use public transport or share the car journey with friends or family to the port of Ă“rzola. If you need to rent a vehicle, opt for an electric or hybrid car to reach the port and reduce your carbon footprint. You can only reach La Graciosa by boat trips offered by the two companies that operate between both islands. In just 20 minutes, you will be in La Graciosa.

On our website, you will find information on public transport schedules in Lanzarote and the maritime lines that operate between Lanzarote and La Graciosa.

Once you disembark, you will only have to take a few steps and you will find yourself in Plaza de Caleta del Sebo, where the scheduled performances of the Encounter will take place. It will be accessible to all audiences, and you can walk to it from wherever you are staying.

Get on your bike and discover the paradisiacal beaches that surround the island. You will find multiple businesses dedicated to bike rental.



Take care of this small paradise in the Canary Islands, La Graciosa. This natural park and biosphere reserve promotes calm in the face of the frenetic pace of Western life. You can walk barefoot through its streets of yellow sand, observe, swim, and dive in the transparent waters that surround it, contribute to that unique experience, do not throw garbage or food on the ground or into the sea, deposit the garbage in the containers, do not throw cigarette butts on the ground, in short, leave no trace on its rich ecosystem.

Use recycling containers to separate waste. We will place waste separation containers near the event so that you have them on hand. Consume Km0 products, Graciosa’s gastronomy is based on seafood products from fishing, one of the island’s main sectors of activity.

Check our website to learn about everything surrounding our small Encounter, all the information will be digitized, use this option to purchase plane or boat tickets and share your sustainable experience through social networks.



From its beginnings, women have always been present in one way or another in all the editions of the Encuentro, as soloists on the timple, musicians, and female voices that have accompanied the timplistas, as well as talks about the experiences of Graciosera women and the role of women in Canarian culture.

Based on this premise, the Timples Encuentro has always pursued gender parity in the representation of artists in all its editions, as evidenced by this year’s lineup. However, it is not always possible, because today there are fewer female hands that strum this instrument. From the Encuentro, we encourage them to discover their possibilities, to train and accompany themselves with their own style, just as the ukulele accompanies so many artists on their journey. There will always be a place for them in this small Festival La Graciosa.

Because we believe in the real need for equality between men and women, in the elevation of their often silenced abilities and qualities, and because our own company is governed in terms of equality… Join our conviction!